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Original letterhead and logo by Val Thelin


The Committee was formed when the estate of local benefactor S. Judson Dunaway designated a sum of money to be invested and the interest used “for the presentation of primarily musical performances to be conducted at the Dunaway Community Center.” In 1978 the town became the owner of the Trust Fund and acting as trustees, a committee was formed to fulfill the mission of the bequest. Ogunquit Performing Arts , an all-volunteer board, is a non-profit, tax-exempt committee of the Town of Ogunquit. There are no paid employees. All contributions to Ogunquit Performing Arts are used for promotion and production costs and artists fees.

Mission Statement:

The foremost goal of Ogunquit Performing Arts is to bring to residents of Ogunquit, visitors of Southern Maine, and to devotees of the fine arts of all ages and interests, regional, national and international artists of the highest quality, representing a variety of the performing arts, (featuring classic, light classic, jazz, dance, film, theatre, and folk,) and to present these artists to local audiences at affordable ticket prices.

A secondary goal for sustaining the performing arts throughout the year is to work with local and/or regional community groups to assist in developing, fostering, and broadening interest in the fine arts.

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